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How it works

1. Send us your audio from anywhere in the world.

2. Enjoy life while we mix your music.

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Why Mixing?

Mixing is where most projects start to collapse. Most mixes sound bad because of either inexperienced bands attempting to mix their own work or "professional engineers" who simply don't know what they are doing and end up giving you the runaroundMixing is the middle of the production process and serves as a bridge from recording to mastering so you want to make sure that bridge is solid.  You can avoid a lot of headache and save lot of money by getting it done right the first time.  Adjusting balances, adding dynamic and effects processing, creating texture; our world-class mixing prep your songs for the real world.  We create transparent, dynamic, warm mixes that sound great on any listening device.

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"Technically and artistically, working through the creative process with Siren Sound Production has flowed smoothly and the results sound spectacular!"

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